Internship - Pune

Announcing a one month internship by Rationally Yours & Morphicminds, an Affiliated Training Centre of Albert Ellis Institute, India. Here, the participants will get hands on experience of therapy along with detailed study of CBT & REBT.

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** The participants will get an opportunity of direct supervision by Dr. Shishir Palsapure. Training by two trainers i.e., Rohan Pande & Yogita Chhablani (both of them are trained from Albert Ellis Institute, New York) and will be certified by Albert Ellis Institute ATC, India.

Course content:

The training is aimed at intensive training, practical skills training, personal growth and supervision of therapy of participants. This training was conceived to extend the learning participants have at short workshops offered by Morphicminds all over India and Albert Ellis Institute, India. The internships are also an attempt to offer much more value for money. Participants receive about a month’s training at the cost of around 4 days of short workshops. The term internship is misnomer though, as in almost all internships participants receive stipend, but this training is best called extending training at the training centre as students pay for the training.

Objectives of the internship

  • Understand the theory of CBT and REBT
  • Understand the practical application of CBT and REBT
  • Applying CBT and REBT to individuals and groups in in-house and outdoor settings including hospital settings
  • Learn how to supervise therapy
  • Understanding group therapy, assisting and setting up a support group
  • Getting personal therapy done
  • Personal and professional growth
  1. Learning Basic CBT and REBT

    History taking, cognitive conceptualisation. Exploring the scope of CBT and REBT in community. Taking up one assignment. The assignment is formulating an Intervention plan in area of interest. Preparing full modules of the compulsory individual and common assignments.

    Attending CBT and REBT lectures delivered by Dr. Shishir Palsapure (total 6 hours on a single day) and rest of the lectures by Rohan Pande & Yogita Chhablani. Delivering topics on CBT and REBT.

    All interns will be given 10 questions of CBT and REBT each on the first day of internship. All reading material is available at the Training centres and will be available to read only at the centres. The interns will have to write essay type answers and submit answers at the end of third week of internship. Of course the answers can be written with the books and Google open.

    All interns will report to the Internship Director.

  2. Practical Applications of CBT and REBT

    Taking up part of Support group activity. Eg. Presenting facts about the topic on PPT, (Eg. 5-7 % are depressed at any point in time).

  3. Follow up

    Case discussions. Preparing the outcome summary. Presenting the summary.

  4. Supervision of participant’s therapy

    Participants will also Supervise therapy of fellow interns. Refining your own therapy. Presenting cases, getting feedback. Presenting assignment. Written test.

Certificates will be awarded only after

  1. Full completion of assignments
  2. Passing the written test
  3. Passing the practical test: (Supervision of two sessions by Rohan & Yogita for Pune center.)
  4. Submission of 5 full cases.
  5. The supervision of ‘Golden tape’- Final audio recording of one therapy session by Dr. Shishir Palsapure, or in person by Dr. Shishir. Dr. Shishir may also do a real time supervision instead of the audio recording.
Accommodation and food

The interns have to arrange for their accommodation and food in case they are traveling to Pune for the training.

Essential reading for the Internship


  1. Cognitive therapy: Basics and beyond by Judith Beck
  2. Practitioner’s guide to Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy: Third Edition

More recommended reading

  • Beck diet solution: Judith Beck
  • What works when with children and adolescents: Ann Vernon
  • Cognitive therapy of Depression
  • Life Coaching: Windy Dryden

The interns will get a certificate of participation, training and supervision of their therapy from Morphicminds, an Affiliated Training Centre of Albert Ellis Institute, India and Rationally Yours, Pune. This certificate will be helpful to the interns for their completion of PhD, MPhil or MA/MSc Psychology programs. Interns are responsible for checking with their institutions about the helpfulness and validity before they sign up for the internship. The internship certificate is not a valid license for practising psychotherapy, and they have to abide by the country’s laws for practice.


BA or any graduation in Psychology, Social work, Nursing, Medicine, alternative medicine including Homeopathy, Ayurveda. Participants must have completed their graduation before they sign up for the program. Participants who have completed post graduation in Psychology, psychiatry, social work or Nursing are also eligible and preferred.


Dr. Shishir Palsapure
Dr. Shishir Palsapure MD MSc a practicing psychotherapist with vast experience, he is an Associate Fellow, Rational Emotive & Cognitive Behavior Therapy supervisor certified by the prestigious Albert Ellis Institute, New York, NY, USA. He is Director of Albert Ellis Institute Affiliated Training Centre, India.

Rohan Pande
Rohan Pande is Founder and Director at 'Rationally Yours.' He is a psychotherapist, highly trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) & Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT). He has received his advanced REBT certification from Albert Ellis Institute, New York. USA.

Rohan is also a NLP master practitioner & advanced life coach. He has conducted a number of life coaching workshops all over India for students, corporates & mental health professionals.

Rohan is also certified trainer from American Tesol Institute, USA. His area of expertise are therapy for chronic diseases, depression & suicide prevention. He is known for his in- depth knowledge of subject & simple methods of teaching.

Yogita Chhablani
Yogita Chhablani is a Psychotherapist & Image Consultant. She is the cofounder at 'Rationally Yours' & is Head Pune's Satellite Centre of Morphicminds, an Affiliated Training Centre of Albert Ellis Institute, India' She has received her advance REBT certification from Albert Ellis Institute, New York. USA.

Yogita is also certified by Image management Professional Association (IMPA) & Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA and SQA (Scottish Qualification Authority) for soft skills.

Investment- 27,500/-

A discount of 10% each can be availed if you are in a group of 2 or more.

Venue: Incube- Plot no 41 & 42, Tejaswini Housing Society lane no 2, Next to Medipoint Hospital, Opposite to Bank of Baroda ATM, Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra 411007

Date: June 1st to June 30th, 2018

For any queries and Registration- Call on 7083697761 or write to us at